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Are you looking for a job as an international truck driver?

Join Arthur Welter, a leader in transportation for almost 60 years!
Founded in 1962, Arthur Welter is a 100% family owned and operated trucking company that recruits! We employ more than 700 employees in the transport and logistics business and our teams are constantly growing.

Our fleet includes more than 800 transport units dedicated to international and regional transport. To be a truck driver at Arthur Welter is to travel the roads for our customers at the steering wheel of the latest and most efficient trucks!

The missions of the international truck driver:

At Arthur Welter the international truck driver supervises the transport of the goods entrusted to him, from departure to arrival at destination! His main missions are:

  • Checking the condition of the truck and making sure it is in good working order.
  • Carry out first-level maintenance and repairs if necessary.
  • Transporting the goods while respecting the planned deadlines, arrival and departure times.
  • Ensure that the temperature inside the cargo box is stable.
  • Supervise the loading and unloading operations of the merchandise and make sure it is properly secured.
  • Observe speed and driving time regulations, report delays and difficulties encountered on the road.
  • Updating the on-board documents, delivery notes and all regulatory papers.
  • Have delivery notes signed.
  • Correctly complete transport documents and check that they are complete and in conformity with national and international regulations.
  • Inform the workshop of any repairs to be carried out on the truck.

For refrigerated transport, the international HGV driver is responsible for :

  • Operation of the refrigerators before starting a load.
  • Maintaining the temperature of the goods during transport.

Employment as an international long-distance lorry driver : why join us ?

  • With us, you will benefit from one of the most attractive salaries as an international truck driver in the sector thanks to our progressive remuneration policy.
  • If you are a novice lorry driver, you will be accompanied and trained by us.

International Truck Driver : the profiles we are looking for:

  • International Truck Driver’s License and Certifications
  • Trucker’s license.
  • Mandatory continuing education
  • Depending on the case, an ADR certificate (transport of hazardous goods).
  • Depending on the case: an awareness of air cargo security, an awareness of the transport of pharmaceutical products and/or an awareness of the transport of food products.

The skills and competences we are looking for  :

Being an international truck driver at Arthur Welter means being on the road safely every day. To do so, you must possess the following skills and competencies: :

  • You have excellent visual acuity, very good hearing and have passed the general aptitude test.
  • You have an excellent ability to concentrate.
  • You are responsive and dynamic.
  • You respect the regulations and the highway code, you master the safety procedures and your behaviour at the wheel is irreproachable.
  • You are vigilant and rigorous.
  • You are careful with the equipment and you have a basic knowledge of mechanics which enables you to carry out some basic checks and repairs.
  • You know and respect national and international instructions and regulations.
  • Spoken languages: German, French, English or Luxembourgish.

Desired experience:

  • Two years of experience desired.  

You will be asked to provide an extract from your criminal record that is less than 3 months old before the employment process is finalised.

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