What is the job of dispatcher – logistics coordinator?

Responsibilities of the dispatcher / logistics coordinator :

As a logistics planner, he studies customers’ requests for shipments by analysing destinations and distances, delivery times and traffic conditions, tonnages and freight value. On the basis of a cost study, he then informs the sales staff about the feasibility of the transport requested by the customers.

  • In his role as transport planner, he selects the most suitable transport equipment for each order and distributes the pick-up and routing work among the drivers.
  • As a logistics manager, he optimises the drivers’ round trips, such as searching for other customers to avoid empty transport.
  • In his responsibilities as transport coordinator, and with the help of modern communication technologies, he controls and monitors the delivery operations and keeps the Customers informed. He also supervises the administrative formalities related to each transport operation.

The salary of a dispatcher / logistics coordinator

Remuneration for the function of dispatcher / logistics coordinator can vary significantly from one country to another in the European Union. However, Luxembourg is known to be one of the most attractive countries in Europe in terms of remuneration.

Become a dispatcher – logistics coordinator at Arthur Welter!!

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Training to become a dispatcher / logistics coordinator

The level of training required varies from one company to another. At Arthur Welter, we are looking for the following skills:

  • Level of training Logistics Technician.
  • Mastery of basic IT tools as well as modern means of communication.
  • Mastery of French and/or German and/or English and/or Russian.
  • Basic technical knowledge of heavy goods vehicles.
  • Knowledge of transport legislation and geography.
  • Introduction to the transport of dangerous goods is a plus.

We are also looking for the following skills:

  • A highly developed sense of organization combined with a great rigor of work.
  • Good adaptability and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work independently and make decisions.
  • Creativity, reactivity and ability to deal quickly with unexpected situations.

What are the prospects for development in the job of dispatcher / logistics coordinator?

The career development prospects of a dispatcher / logistics coordinator generally depend on the sector and the size of the company in which he or she works.
At Arthur Welter, we offer many career development opportunities. Indeed, the policy of our family business is to encourage our employees who wish to do so to acquire new skills in order to prepare them for new responsibilities.